We usually talk about domain name strategies for big brands, but startups need to set up shop on the right digital platforms too.

FairWinds is all excited about a new startup:  Threadmason – the latest venture from FairWinds alum, Vincent Ko, and his business partner Jake Huston (we wrote about Ko’s last foray into fashion here.)  The company’s goal is to deliver better-fitting t-shirts to the (male) masses with 24 proprietary sizes that are based off of the wearer’s height, weight, and waist measurements:


Two weeks into its crowdsourced funding campaign on Kickstarter, Threadmason reached 144 percent of its baseline goal and garnered some great press in outlets like TechCrunch and PandoDaily. Donations continue to come in, moving the company towards its “stretch” goals of adding more colors and an additional t-shirt style: v-necks.

You can find the company, naturally, at threadmason.com and twitter.com/threadmason. The company has also secured its name on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

“FairWinds taught me the importance of domain and online branding in building an online company,” said Ko. “Threadmason acquired all our handles/domains prior to launch across all social media channels.  It’s proven to be key during our launch, particularly on Twitter.”

In the coming months, Threadmason will also make use of a generic domain name it purchased – V-Necks.com – which will host content related to style and link visitors to Threadmason.com.

With a solid idea, quality product, and the right digital platforms, Ko and Huston are on their way to delivering on their goal of “bringing a better fit and higher level of quality to men’s clothes.”

Josh Bourne
Start Me Up

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