As promised, ICANN posted another update about the TAS closure on Friday night, sneaking in just minutes before the deadline it had set of 23:59 UTC (7:59 PM EDT). Essentially, because of the large volume of data that the organization has to sort through in order to fulfill its promise of alerting all applicants of whether or not their data was compromised during the security glitch, ICANN stated that at the time, it was not prepared to make an announcement about when it would reopen the TAS. Instead, the statement promised another update by Friday, April 27 at 23:59 UTC (7:59 PM EDT).

In the meantime, ICANN has posted a set of Frequently Asked Questions as a resource for applicants and other curious parties who wish to learn more about this issue. In those FAQs, and also in a statement posted yesterday, ICANN officially stated that “Reveal Day,” the day it will publish the list of all new gTLD applicants and their applied-for strings, has been postponed beyond its originally scheduled date of April 30.

According to the updates from ICANN, we should know more about the new Reveal Day date after the next update. If the past few weeks are any indication, we can expect that update to be posted very close to the 7:59 PM EDT deadline on Friday night. Fortunately, ICANN has averred that it made significant progress over the weekend in working through which applicants had been affected. Hopefully it will continue with that progress this week, and Friday’s announcement will contain some concrete news.

Josh Bourne

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Josh Bourne
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