The story around the technical glitch that caused ICANN to temporarily suspend access to the TLD Application System (TAS) on Thursday continues to evolve. First, on Thursday night, ICANN informed applicants that the “technical glitch” amounted to this: certain TAS users were able to view other users’ user names and file names while in the TAS. Regrettably, ICANN had first learned of this problem on March 19, but believed that it had adequately addressed the issue.

On Sunday, ICANN posted another announcement assuring users that the “it does not appear that this issue caused any corruption or loss of data.” ICANN also pledged that it will inform all applicants of whether or not they have been affected as soon as it is able to confirm the data.

Unfortunately, this latest announcement has also called the date of the TAS reopening into question. ICANN has said that it is committed to reopening the TAS as soon as possible once it is fully confident that the problem is resolved. It will announce by 23:59 UTC (7:49 EDT) today whether or not it will in fact reopen the TAS tomorrow, as originally planned.

While ICANN has not been overly forthcoming with the details of the problem, it has been posting updates on the developments of the resolution process fairly regularly. We will continue to post updates as they become available.


Josh Bourne

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Josh Bourne
Update on ICANN’s TAS Delay