Today, FairWinds released an update to its 2008 Verizon Case Study. Back in 2008, we projected that our work to improve Verizon’s domain name portfolio would drive over 3 million visitors to the company’s websites and save Verizon over $1 million.

After revisiting the data this year, it turns out that those original projections were a bit low. In reality, we helped Verizon attract over 93 million visitors to its sites over the first three years (that’s an average of 31 million visitors per year), and drive an additional 321,000 online sales annually, which translate into millions of dollars in revenue for Verizon.

How did we do it? We took a three-pronged approach to make Verizon’s domain name portfolio as lean and efficient as possible. First, we cut out all the low-quality domains that were costing Verizon money but not driving visitors or otherwise contributing to its business. Then, we identified and recovered key domain names that the company did not already own. Finally, we helped the company redirect its domain names to the relevant content that users expect to find when they type those domains into their browsers.

But the best part of the work we did with Verizon was helping to change the company’s approach toward its domain name portfolio. Verizon regularly evaluates its portfolio to make sure that it is not carrying dead weight, and approaches the registration of new domains with a critical eye, always asking whether the domain will improve its online business. Ultimately, Verizon is able to provide its audience with safer online experiences that deliver relevant content, and increased its revenue in the process.

Josh Bourne
The Numbers Add Up to Success

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