Today’s edition of iMedia Connection features an article by Taylor Frank, VP of Strategy and Development for DigitalDNA, a company founded by FairWinds that specializes in analyzing, developing strategies around and transacting on digital assets. Taylor discusses the great marketing potential of category-defining domain names for both new and established brands.

Because they often require less investment in optimization in order to rank highly in search engine results, category-defining domain names are highly valuable digital assets. And from a branding perspective, owning a category-defining domain allows a marketer to own that category, and position its brand as the definitive online destination for that category.

Taylor covers these and other benefits that category-defining domain names can provide to marketers, and illustrates each with apt, real-world examples. Check out his article over at iMedia.

Josh Bourne

Managing Partner at FairWinds Partners
A Managing Partner for the business, Josh draws on his experience with brands and blogs on business solutions for the domain name space.
Josh Bourne
The Value of Category-Defining Domain Names

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