According to a recent post on its PlayStation blog, Sony has released a new software application that allows users to create new applications using PlayStation Move’s technology. PlayStation Move is Sony’s foray into motion-controlled gaming; the new app allows academics, researchers, or even savvy gamers to integrate the Move technology with their PC for a variety of purposes. And the name of this groundbreaking application? Move.Me.

Those of you who remember the Anything.Goes blog post should be starting to notice a trend here – apparently, Sony has a penchant for the “dot,” as evidenced by its Make.Believe (“make-dot-believe”) project and now this new Move.Me (“move-dot-me”) app. In that post, we conjectured that Make.Believe sounds like it could be a domain name, especially if new gTLDs become a reality.

But the difference here is, Move.Me is a domain name. And Michael Berkens of The Domains blog points out that Sony doesn’t own it – he does. The site is underdeveloped, but according toDomainTools, it has been registered since 2008. And where Sony advertises the for its Make.Believe project, both and point to error pages.

The Move.Me app sounds really cool and useful. Too bad Sony doesn’t own the domain to go along with it.

Josh Bourne

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Josh Bourne

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