With Father’s Day fast approaching, Oscar Mayer is encouraging moms, kids, and other loved ones to tell the dad in their lives just how special he is…with bacon. Finally, an answer to the images of velvet-boxed cuff links – the velvet-boxed packages of bacon that promise to deliver quality on the Four C’s. No, not cut, clarity, color, and carat; this time it’s about, cut, color, cure and consistency.

There are three options for gift packages between $22 and $28. In addition to the velvet box of bacon, The Woodsman also comes with a multi-tool; The Matador, comes with bacon-shaped cuff links; and The Commander comes with a money-clip with a bacon insignia. You can only get the gifts on SayItWithBacon.com – the perfect domain name for the clever campaign. A great example of how a great ad campaign and digital real estate go hand in hand.

The gifts of bacon would work for your beloved – guy or girl – for any special occasion, but you must make the purchase before July 1.

I’m just upset that this didn’t come out a week earlier.  I would have gotten one for my husband for our anniversary! His love of bacon even made it into his best man’s wedding toast, so the gift would have been a nice callback. At least I can still send him a note with an illustration of his favorite treat: SayItWithBacon.com also gives you six (free) options of e-cards to send.

Josh Bourne

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Josh Bourne
For Love of Bacon

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