Oh, Charlie Sheen. He’s all over the media recently after repeated rants against Warner Bros. and his show “Two and a Half Men,” getting fired from said show, and subsequently suing Warner Brothers and Chuck Lorre, the show’s producer, for $100 million.

And just like when other celebrities are roiled by scandal, domain speculators have rushed out to register domains containing Charlie Sheen’s name and key phrases like “winning” and “tiger blood,” according to PC Magazine and Domain Name Wire. My personal favorite? LivingTheSheen.com.

For those who are scratching your heads at the “tiger blood” reference, see this YouTube video.

We’ve seen the domain rush that occurs around celebrities making headlines before, namely during Tiger Woods’ debacle last Thanksgiving. Go Daddy reports that 1,000 Charlie Sheen-related domains were registered last week. Sheen also reached 1 million Twitter followers in a mere 25 hours, breaking the Guinness World Record.

Welcome to the Internet Age of celebrity scandals.

Josh Bourne
Scandal 2.0

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