FairWinds Partners' Lillian Fosteris

Lillian Fosteris

Director, Consulting & Strategy




As the Director of Consulting & Strategy, Lillian leads FairWinds’ New gTLD Practice, where she helps companies grow their digital business with the proper use of domain names in both legacy and new gTLDs.

Her in-depth knowledge of the ins-and-outs of ICANN helps her to translate Internet policies into relevant and actionable advice through blogs and through consulting for businesses. After spending countless hours working directly with professionals in different divisions across brands in various sectors, she understands what issues matter for brands, which developments directly or indirectly affect them, and what, if any, action they should take. Through her posts, she hopes to make readers aware of what they need to know about the issues and developments in this evolving space that matter and affect them.

She specializes in creating budget models for clients’ domain name activities and planned detailed budgets for domain name registrations in new gTLDs for six clients.

Lillian also supports FairWinds’ participation in Internet governance by actively representing FairWinds and its clients in the ICANN community.

This specialization and knowledge is evident in all of her posts. For example, in The Ongoing Obligations of Operating a .BRAND, Lillian breaks down the application process for gTLDs and the critical importance of compliance with the Registry Agreement.

Lillian holds a B.A. in Economics and minors in both Mathematics and Modern Greek from Georgetown University.