Yvette Miller

Vice President, Strategic Communications and Media Relations


The Internet is vast and ever evolving. Yvette’s blogs pull together news on the Internet ecosystem, break it down and put it in context for brands. Here are a few of Yvette’s most popular posts:

As the VP, Strategic Communications and Media Relations at FairWinds, Yvette is responsible for the messaging and outreach strategies across such topics as digital strategy, domain names, social media, branding, and Internet governance. She also manages the execution and production of several proprietary studies by FairWinds each year, which can be found here.

Yvette has a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, with a concentration in Social and Public Policy, from Georgetown University. Her thesis focused on the ways that the Internet has impacted democracy in the United States. She holds a B.A. in English and Government, also from Georgetown University.