Fairwinds Partners Samantha Demetriou

Samantha Demetriou,

Vice President, Consulting Services




Heading up the consulting team gives Samantha the 50,000-foot view on trends in brand approaches to the domain name space.

On this blog, Sam covers common missed the opportunities and creative new solutions available to brands online, such as the potential of .GEO domain names as a marketing tool in .GEO Domain Names – A New Tool in Local Online Marketing.

When writing posts, she draws upon her experience at FairWinds working with clients and participating in the Internet community. For example, she has

  • Personally prepared 47 new gTLD applications for 15 companies
  • Developed new gTLD Business Strategies for three multinational corporations, and
  • Placed stories about new gTLDs and domain name strategy in various media publications, including Forbes, Reuters and Advertising Age.
  • She has attended ICANN Meetings since 2011 and is the Chair of the NTAG committee at ICANN

In addition to her extensive experience working with Fortune 500 and 1000 clients, Samantha relies upon the expertise in language and business from her academic studies: she holds an M.A. in Linguistics and B.A. in Linguistics and Spanish with a minor in Business from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.