FairWinds Partners' Jennifer Goldberg

Jennifer Goldberg

Director, Consulting & Strategy




Jennifer’s blogs cover what brands need to know about new generic top-level domains for their digital brand strategies.

To draft her blogs, Jennifer draws upon her experience as a Senior Associate. In this position, she specializes in creating new gTLD strategies for businesses, helping companies adapt their domain name activities to the changing Internet landscape and their changing business needs. She enjoys helping clients work through the difficult process of obtaining a new gTLD, as well as working to figure out what to do with it.

Jennifer has also educated executives, global marketers and legal counsel of Fortune 500 companies about the role that new gTLDs play in a company’s digital presence. She also analyzes large domain name portfolios to advise clients on how to integrate their existing domain holdings into their new gTLD and digital initiatives.

For example, in The Top 5 Things to Consider When Applying for a .BRAND, she breaks what could seem like a daunting process into a series of questions such as:

  • Who in your Industry has a new gTLD?
  • Will a .BRAND or .GENERIC support your current and future branding and marketing goals?
  • And are you prepared for the new gTLD application process and fulfilling the requirements of owning and using a .BRAND or .GENERIC?

Prior to joining FairWinds, Jennifer serviced as a Senior Analyst at Accenture, where she managed testing efforts for new and enhanced functionality for a system distributing over 80 billion dollars of student aid per year.

Jennifer has a B.S. in Marketing and International Business from the University of Maryland.